Drone / Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Log: Logbook for the Professional or Hobbyist Drone and UAS Pilot with Technical Journey Log ThunderbirdUAS Au
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Unmanned Aircraft System / Drone Flight and Technical Journey Log (SEC Roll Tide Edition) / Complete Logbook and Technical Journey Log for the Professional or Hobbyist Drone UAS Pilot It is important for you to capture your flight hours and any maintenance activities you perform as part of your flight operations. As the FAA finalizes rule sets for commercial and recreational use of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), a component of pilot / aircraft operation and rule set conformance will be accurate recording of pilot flight hours and platform maintenance. This log book has been designed to facilitate your safe operation and assist you in following current AMA and FAA best practices. The Logbook is divided into two major sections: Flight Logs and Technical Journey Logs Flight Logs are primarily used to capture your plan, equipment, mission information, safety checks, flight conditions, and of course your actual flight hours. After each mission, you will total your flight hours and add previous mission flight hours, to obtain your rolling total airtime. Technical Journey Logs are primarily used to capture any flight anomalies, defects, or maintenance issues along with any corrective actions to resolve or mitigate the problem and return your aircraft to airworthiness standards. Logbook supports 175 flight Missions and 875 individual flights Technical Journey Log / Fault correction section with support for over 75 maintenance action records Detailed Instruction section provides instructions on how to properly fill out the log entries and how to document flights, and document aircraft platform maintenance FAA Considerations Section Helpful Online Resources Section


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