Wounded: Based on a True Story Adrian Miguel Nunez Author
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Ever witness a miracle up front? Do you know anybody who has seen many and lived to tell it all? If your answer is no, you should read my book Wounded. It is based on a true story of one man's struggles throughout his life. It will take you to the depths of poverty like no other. It will display how hard it is for someone to survive lacking the basic needs in life. The main character is a man named Santiago Jim Nunez. He is a Mexican American born in East Los Angeles, CA in 1949. He lived through foster homes since the age of six years old till he was 18 years old. His struggles continued when he went to fight in the Vietnam War. He was critically wounded and returned home. Only to discover a world where nobody cared about the veterans coming back from Nam. The aftermath and pain that came with it was draining. The lengthy battles with the VA to the constraints of money and resources. The battle between good and evil showdowns the ultimate test of faith. The battle is constantly fought throughout the entire book. This story is through the eyes of a young, battle weary soldier, adjusting to civilian life. The horrors that came home with Jim were relentless. They also took a toll on his personal relationships and his family. With nowhere to turn for help and the VA's lack to acknowledge veteran issues, Jim turned to the Lord for help. His faith would be tested in the most crucial times of his life. Throughout all the good and bad times, Jim never lost his faith. It is the biggest reason he conquered his demons and is here to share his story today. His story is one that is not here to glamourize his mistakes. What it is here for is to instill hope and faith in others who feel alone. To help those who have gone through the same pitfalls as he has. Others who feel like they have no place to turn for help. The same way he felt when he came back from Vietnam. It is here to give thanks to the many who helped him with his struggles along the way. It is here to give thanks to the Lord for all his blessings he has endured through life. The great changes he made to make life worth living and fighting for.


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