Three Survived: A Pre-Vietnam Conflict Survival Memoir Barbara Miller Sonnier Author
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I, Rhonè Sonnier Louvierè, a 72 year old US Army Vietnam Era Veteran, 1962-65, have had visions, dreams, and or nightmares of incidents from long ago. Names are withheld from military accounts in order to observe military decorum (code names have been used). There is no malicious intent in this novelette towards the United States Military, the Vietnamese people, or other entities. One particular incident was a special black covert operation that occurred in Vietnam in July 1962, and it is this recurring nightmare and subsequent spiritual experience which propels me even deeper into my past to a point where I am obsessed with finding the facts about my military brothers, Snicker and Nickel. Before I record this memoir and make medical statements, I want to stress that I am no hero - I did not shed blood - I did serve my country - I did what I was ordered to do. This memoir of Three Survived is my personal way of setting the record straight and healing me - myself - mentally.


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