Rental Property Millionaire: Comprehensive Beginner's Guide for Newbies Michael McCord Author
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All the Information You Need To Become a Rental Property Millionaire! This book contains the secrets of success in the rental property business, broken down and simplified for beginners. All the info you need to begin is right here, delivered in a way that won't overwhelm a newcomer with unnecessary information. Rental Property Investing may seem challenging and intimidating for a newbie, but there's an exact science behind it. If done correctly, it is guaranteed to become a source of long term Passive Income and truly make you a millionaire! But to do it properly and be successful, you need to follow the right steps and not fall into common traps. That's where this book comes in!! After reading this book, here is what you will discover... The Basics of Real Estate Investing. Exactly what to expect, and the key things you need to rememberA Step By Step Guide. A concise and easy to follow list of the EXACT STEPS you need to take to succeed at Rental Property InvestingWhen to Invest and How to Find the Right Property. Information about the market and exactly where to look to find your first profitable investmentCommon Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. A list of mistakes that often plague newcomers, and easy ways to avoid falling prey to these pitfallsSuccess Stories. Tales about people who have made it in this business and exactly what they did to achieve successWhy You Should Invest. An informational section on why you need to start investing today, no matter your age or financial situation!And Much much more! If you are looking to become a rental property owner, this is the book you need! It is guaranteed to put you squarely on your path to success! So what are you waiting for? Take Action Today and start your journey to becoming a Rental Property Millionaire!


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