Video Game Addiction: The Cure to The Game Addiction Llinda Keoki Author
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Everyone knows what video games are. We are immersed in a culture that has continued to foster the idea of playing games for entertainment and now even for advancement. Many aspects of life can be gamified and turned into a game we play on a screen. Certainly, this has a positive side: it offers a strong motivation to better oneself in ways that may otherwise be difficult to find motivation for (such as learning a second language). Video games can also offer a path out of the Kingdom of Boredom for the players. Plenty of hours of fun can be had for children and adults alike while playing games. With the advent of in-game purchases, we can even use the money we make at our real jobs to buy virtual goods, pushing the world of the video game further and further into the real world. We, humanity, have sufficiently solved the problems of day-to-day survival and hence we can afford to spend hours playing with virtual worlds whose only true connection to ours is in our minds and in the arrangement of the electrons and atoms on sticks and discs in some underground server farm somewhere in the world. To the ancients, our world would look a paradise. Surely this development in human culture has a positive side.


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