Y is for Fidelity Logan Ryan Smith Author
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Meet Ian Tellman, a thirty-five-year-old sysadmin for Inmerica, an insurance and financial services company located in downtown Chicago. His passions include Phil Collins, Lipton Ice Tea, PS4, spending time alone, and classic BBC programs, especially ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. When this socially awkward, lonely man meets Benoit, his mysterious new roommate with a slight, unplaceable accent and murky past, Ian's passions and social life expand and blossom in ways he never would have imagined. But Benoit has some secrets that leave Ian fearful for his life... and intrigued to know more. After all, they're destined to be the best of friends. And, as it turns out, Ian's got a few secrets of his own. Whose will be revealed first? Tune in to Y IS FOR FIDELITY during its regularly scheduled time to find out!


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