Quantum Gnosis: It is very difficult to get a sense of I because you are so vast that everything is you. Kevin Falzon Author
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We humans strive for a better life knowing that one day everything we do and work for will end. Most of us believe that nothing exists beyond death. Should we despair? Many may ask, what is the true purpose of life? What is death? What awaits our spirit-souls at the threshold of the beyond? And indeed, the most haunting of all: What is God's plan for us mortals? In this stupendous volume the author embarks on an incredible quest that takes the reader through the esoteric seven gates of life, to Infinity where individual lives become group-souls and assume the sceptre of a cosmic parent and creator. In the 4th dimensional garden, where life experienced the biblical 'Fall', lies a profound and allegoric code which, indeed, when cracked would yield the answer to most questions. Who is Lucifer and what is the great enigma behind the Biblical Eve? Those questions that we have been asking ourselves about God, life, death and what happens to us once we are gone, are not without answer. The author in this book penetrates some of the most mysterious twists in the nature and evolution of Mankind. The evidence to all this is everywhere but so that one may know it, one must experience it for oneself. The journey in the third and final book of the trilogy begins with an intriguing examination of the mysterious and powerful Ark of the Elohim and ends with a New Jerusalem. This and a world more in Quantum Gnosis! The seminars I had the pleasure to do about the topics mentioned above in truth are but a gateway, and beyond that gateway awaits a vast journey into the unknown. If the approach to the details herein is open-minded I assure the reader that this book will help you change the way you perceive life.The Author.


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