What Would Hippocrates Say?: Ancient Wisdom for Health, Fitness, and Fat Loss Jacob Caldwell Author
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IMAGINE FEELING GREAT And they call those people healthy who never have a pain in any part of the body, and who have the fortune to be unimpeded for any of the functions of life... and is not readily brought to disease either by external causes or by those from within... - Galen Imagine being healthy, never being sick, always being comfortable. Imagine a life without aches and pains. Imagine having a strong, active body, a trim, lean figure. The ancient Greeks knew that diet and exercise were the keys to health, and they have much to teach us about such practices. The ancient art of balancing the body so as to gain and maintain health is a 2500 year old tradition. It includes massage, bathing, and the art of sleeping well. These are the things that Hippocrates tells us how to do. In this book author Jacob Caldwell explores this 2500 year old tradition of Western health practices, asking the question: what would Hippocrates say? In What Would Hippocrates Say?, author Jacob Caldwell, re-imagines the very idea of health, and in so doing enlivens the body. This book is a practical guide to ancient ideas about health involving diet and exercise. It is filled with the wisdom of the ages. Hippocrates, writing 2500 years ago, tells us that diet and exercise is the best way to keep ourselves healthy. The ancients have much to teach us about how to be healthy.


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