Wake Up the Real You: And Live Your Best Life Now! Liz Floyd Motter Author
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Live authentically, abundantly, and victoriously as you learn how to embrace God's will for your life. As one of the most sought-after realizations in this world, discovering your purpose is something countless self-help books will claim they can help you do, but they're missing the biggest piece of the puzzle: your relationship with God. If you're ready to wake up, shake up, break away from bondage, dust off the dullness, and discover genuine joy, it's time to take action and allow the Lord to take control of your life. True transformation can only occur when you're receptive to God's will for your life, and past sorrows and mistakes often prohibit you from moving forward and receiving Jesus's forgiveness and grace. But forgiving others-and receiving forgiveness from the Lord-is imperative for experiencing wholeness and freedom. Growing closer to God also requires some internal housecleaning. From chapters on dusting away anything that dulls the true joy of a relationship with God to receiving the living water from Jesus that quenches any thirst for fulfillment, learn how trusting God fully and seeking after His guidance are the real keys to receiving lasting contentment and transformation.


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