FOREX Currency Pairs Explained: Knowing The Foreign Exchange Pairs and how to trade them without shrinking your balance Zach Raymond Author
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To anyone that is trying to break into a new kind of market, the idea of being successful on that market is in the forefront of their minds. The drawback is... breaking into said market then becoming successful at it. As ironic as it is, in order to be successful at a market, you have to understand how that market works. Many people choose to jump in and build their markets from scratch, and try to figure things out as they go along. While this may work for the precious few, it is a slim chance it will work for you. You see, when you are in any kind of market, no matter what kind of market that may be, you are in a world that is dominated by those that are already aware of how things work and who are also out to get the greatest profit for themselves. While this may not necessarily make you their enemy, it is going to definitely put a rift between you and them. So how do you combat their knowledge and gain a foothold in a market you have never been a part of? The solution is easy. You fight fire with fire, and you take on the market as one that already knows how it all works. I know this is intimidating to first timers, but trust me, you are going to want that leg up, and this book is going to give it to you. • Learn and understand what the forex market is and how to be successful on that market • Learn currencies, how they work, how to use them, and how to choose them • Trade smart, sell smart, and be smart • Maximize your confidence to maximize your success • And more!


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