Point and Say: A tool to easily guide English language learners through the confusing maze of Perspective Wendy Raven McNair Author
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Point and Say is a tool that helps instructors easily guide English language learners through the confusing maze of Perspective. It's also a fun and engaging way for students to begin learning English. Instructors, using this simple tool, give English language learners a solid grammar base as they navigate Perspective with greater ease. How? By guiding students to produce affirmative and negative statements, use pronouns correctly to reference different subjects, ask yes/no questions using the be verb. Point and Say directly addresses two of the main stumbling blocks to learning a new language; student confusion and dread of speaking a new language. This tool gives students the confidence they need to learn English and enables instructors to quickly identify language errors and guide students to correct their own mistakes. The text includes a User Guide with in depth instructions on how best to use this tool, a variety of fun games and drills to make learning fun, fast, and lasting, and a series of quick lessons covering basic English grammar including pronouns, the be verb, and contractions. You and your students will enjoy English learning more if you simply... Point and Say


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