A Father For Me, Meghan: Book 4 of To Love Wisely Series Karen Stevens Author
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A Father for Me Meghan is the fourth and final book in the To Love Wisely Series. Paul is the last of the Group of 4 friends to find love and get married. He has known Nicole since she was four years old and trailing behind their group. Her family moved to town and the other kids were picking on her because of her Texas accent. Paul stopped them by body checking one of the bigger guys. He has been protecting her ever since. He just knew she was special but not why. They traveled through school as sorta friends. She was always on the fringe of their group but always included in their many activities. Prom night of their senior year changed all of that. The came to the prom separately but danced almost exclusively with each other. One thing led to another and a few kisses led to three hours of passion. Heartbreak followed when Nicole saw Paul kiss another girl and drove off. Now twelve years later Nicole is back in town and has a secret that rocks Paul's world. Will this destroy both of them or bring them closer together?


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