Nike and Phil Knight: How They Grew and Changed The Fashion and Athletic Worlds Forever Matthew Sims Author
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Have you come across any Nike shoes while walking down the street lately? If so, you have noticed some great shoes that are truly unique. These are amazing shoes that have proven to be important to the athletic world. Some of the world's top athletes wear these shoes in a variety of sports. However, Nike was not always as big of a name in shoes as it is today. Nike was a rather small business at the start and it was all run by Phil Knight, the man who changed the shoe industry forever. This book looks into Knight's work with Nike from how he got the business all started up to how he continued to make it grow. It delves into how he always put in a strong effort to keep the business running and to make it stand out even when there were concerns over whether or not it could thrive. You will learn in this book about how Knight managed to keep his business growing even when there were many obstacles to success. This book also goes well into how Knight continued to persevere even when there was an intense amount of competition. Phil Knight is truly a remarkable person who worked hard to succeed. This book will help you learn about all how he did it.


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