Daisy McCrazy Goes to the Beach: Original, Imaginative with Colorful Illustrations. Little girls will love this active, energetic, little flower. Book
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Daisy McCrazy is a pretty, little flower. She lives in a pretty, little pot. She lives on a pretty, little patio. Today is a very special day. Miss Lily planned a special outing with her favorite, pretty, little flower. It's beach day!!! Daisy McCrazy is a curious, little flower. What is in the big, blue ocean? What is under the white, blanket of sand? Who is splashing in the water? Who is tossing the beach ball? What is that unusual smell? Will Daisy McCrazy be able to sit still and wait for Miss Lily to return? Daisy McCrazy Goes to the Beach is Book 2 in the Daisy McCrazy Series. Recommended for ages 6-9. 1st grade - 4th grade.


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