Collected Letters from the Abyss: how Kamala Harris helped destroy my motherhood - and why Ramona Mayon Author
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This is the official, legal and personal correspondence from a decade on the losing end of a prima facie case of municipal racketeering with San Francisco's City Hall that began in 1997 ... ... ... a private petty paper war that destroyed my motherhood, devastated my marriage, stole my beauty, and made me the most hated woman buried under Willie Brown's city hall. TWO women ship-wrecked my world at Mayor Brown's command, then-mere deputy city attorneys. First, it was Katherine Feinstein, in charge of the bundle of lies that snatched away my authority over my family 1998-2000. This woman was the daughter of California's sr. senator, Dianne Feinstein. She went on to be a judge. Second woman was Kamala Harris, in charge of the persecution by 2000-2001, who is now a Senator, running for President. What she did to us in 2001, she's capable of doing in the White House in 2021. She ignored exculpatory evidence and when confronted with CPS reports saying no issues she just doubled down. Those three years were spent with the City Attorney's Office of San Francisco systematically destroying our reputation, using the dozen of lies supplied by Children Protective Services, are all documented within this manuscript. Most of the documents I used as the foundation for this manuscript (and case) are marked 'Confidential' and come with their own penal code. I, the person being talked about, have no right to this paper. So it was a struggle to even get it. But as the legal adage goes, the only successful defense for a slander/libel case is to be able to prove you are telling the truth. I have used hundreds of the City's own documents to do just that.


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