How to Deal With Stress: The Quick and Simple Way to Identify Stress Symptoms and Get Stress Relief Fast ...Applying the Simple Tips On How to Relieve
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Without doubt, I know you should have heard it said in one way or the other, perhaps even endlessly from nearly every one you are conversant with... yes, they may just simply say 'I'm stressed out by this or that! Well, the truth is that they are just verbalizing the pressure they are going through! Anyway, we cannot deny it; we are surrounded with pressures anywhere you turn to in our present universe. In other words, nowadays, both men and women are entangled in the web called stress. Yes, this is as a result of our ever busy day to day activities that continues nonstop on a 24/7 pattern. There is no gain saying the fact that, those pressures are the cause of stress and anxiety, but the unfortunate truth about it all is that we are not always prepared to detect them not to even talk of dealing with those stressors ...that activate our stress anxiety in the first place! And may I also add, if you can cast your mind back, the best we end up saying is 'we are feelings sick'. Yes, I mean literally, sick. Well, studies show that in the US alone, when you consider persons between the age bracket of 18 years to 54 years, you will discover that one person out of eight people that are randomly picked is suffering from a disorder called anxiety disorder bringing the total of persons suffering from this disorder to 19 million plus and still counting! However, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has carried out a research to prove that the very first type of disorders being suffered by most Americans especially women is none other than anxiety disorder while drug and alcohol abuse disorder usually suffered by men is in the second position. Nevertheless, before you can be diagnosed to be suffering from anxiety disorder you must have been seen by at least five different doctors in a row with all of them pointing to the fact that what you are suffering from is actually anxiety disorder. This disorder is even more common than depression and it is very expensive to treat costing the American government a whopping $46 billion plus on yearly basis! However, it typically affect women aged 65 years and above. The disturbing thing, however, is that anxiety and stress are like twins, that is to say they go hand in hand. The truth is that the major sign of stress is actually anxiety! Also bear in mind that illnesses have stress factor at their onset. The thing that most people do not know is that stress is deadlier than we can imagine and so people tend to take stress for granted until the damage is already done. This is because it causes high blood pressure which could eventually lead to stroke later in life. Thank God, you have the opportunity to address that now before you also become a victim! Yes, with the tips packaged in this book you will guaranteed the information you need to managed your stress and in fact, possibly eliminate it altogether by getting a copy of this book NOW!


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