Donald Trump: The Top Reasons He Must NOT Win The 2016 Presidential Election Joseph Stewart Author
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Donald Trump Must NOT Win the 2016 Presidential Election! Here's Why Read before you act. Even if you've been living under a rock it's hard to ignore the fact that Donald J. Trump is running to be president of United States. However, what started of as a joke has become all too real ... We've all heard, or are at least aware, of the myth of Donald Trump, self-made billionaire and reality TV star. But does the White House really need him? Is he in anyway capable of fulfilling his promise to ...Make America great again or is it just an elaborate con? This book is going to help you answer the questions above. The United States of America faces many challenges at home and abroad. With a weak economy at home and terrorist threats multiplying abroad a strong and wise leader is needed more than ever. Many people believe that man is Donald J Trump. I couldn't disagree more. Here's What's Being Discussed: He is not a Business Genius He is a prolific liar He is a hypocrite He is a cheat He is a racist Plus 20 other reasons Donald Trump must not be elected! The truth of the matter is that much of the Trump legend is a myth. Although he may be a snake oil salesman par excellence I firmly believe that a snake oil salesman is NOT what we need in the highest office in the land. The thought of a Trump presidency terrifies me, and it should terrify you too. It must not be allowed to happen. Donald Trump - The Top Reasons He Must NOT Win The 2016 Presidential Election is my own small contribution towards this end. Read it, share it, and let's ensure together that this joke of a man gets nowhere near the White House. Just scroll up and click the Buy Button to get your own copy and let's STOP TRUMP!.


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