From an Online Poker Game to a True Love Story: Memories of My Baby and Our Wonderful Life Together Fred Van Weyenbergh Author
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My book tells the story of how we met (Sandy living in Washington State and me in Belgium, 5,000 miles away), details experiences we had during our first visits back and forth until she moved in with me in Antwerp, our move to Grimbergen near Brussels, where we lived for almost thirteen years, and our final move back to the USA. In addition, the story takes readers to a number of European cities, particularly Belgium's main Flemish cities (Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp) and Paris, France. Many of these memories relate to our favorite local places and friends, spiced up with amusing anecdotes. It all started with some postings on Facebook, after Sandy passed away, and grew into full stories, inspired by the reactions of my readers. A few of their comments:I get lost in your stories! It's like reading a good book, and I hate it when it ends!! (Cindy) They take me away to the location and let me actually experience the event. (Mary Jane) These stories are the kind most women can only dream of let alone living it! (Sharon) You make me feel I was sitting right there when it happened. (Barbara) You are a born story teller Fred, totally amazing. (Susan) Love your stories Fred. It's like we're there with you! Thank you! (Kathy) I can't really express how profoundly I love these stories. (Brad) Amazing! Every time you tell a story, it's like I am in it. (Kristel) I love reading your stories and can picture her through them. (Amy) Wow! I love hearing about all this!!! You write wonderfully! (Julie) I enjoy your stories .. They bring a smile to my face and add warmth to my heart. (Leslie) Fred, thank you for posting these memories. I can picture all of this. (Debbie) I love reading your stories Fred. They always put a smile on my face. (Amanda) I keep telling Fred he should write a book. It would be amazing. (Laurie) From my editor:I think you've written a wonderful story. It beautifully illustrates the deep love you and Sandy had together, and it's a fine tribute to her. One of the strengths of your book is your unique voice and perspective on life and on your relationship with her. It's also just plain fun to read, from the interesting descriptions of various places in Europe and America to the funny anecdotes.


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