Five Days in Tenerife: A Canary Island Love Story Pia Lord Author
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Unleash your dreams as you get into the high speed action of entanglement in Five Days in Tenerife. Prudence, Will, Marcy and Simon find themselves together on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain off the coast of northwest Africa. Prudence and Will have gone off in search of a private, ocean swim adventure to escape their civilized lives on the continents. Marcy and Simon are high speed car aficionados gathering at Porsche's annual El Teide Volcano conference. Prudence just wants to have a high society normal sophisticated life. She loves her children and husband. She wants everything to be perfect. The perfect house, the best cars, the nicest friends, and the family vacations. But unfortunately for Prudence, her life has never been perfect; and likely it never will be. She is so different, driven by desires and wild-sided even by island standards. In her case, however, different can be so emotionally deadly.


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