The Lost Book of Shayaha: Seer of Marduk: Mesopotamian Prophecies of a New Babylon Rising: Secrets of King Nebuchadnezzar II Joshua Free Author
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At the dawn of a new era, a new age -- a new Babylon -- secret knowledge and wisdom of the greatest empire in history, originally guarded and hidden by the most progressive ruler of western civilization -- Nebuchadnezzar II -- now stands open to all, freshly recovered and translated from the deserts of Middle East... unearthed beyond time and space from ancient Mesopotamia!The tablet collection known as the Sajaha Series first relayed to the public in 1991 is in the German language: Das Buch der Sajaha: Neunzehn Schriftsatze der Babylonianischer Sehek, would have appeared as The Book of Sajaha - Nineteen Writings of the Babylonian Seer-had it ever been produced in English. More recently Max Cold Champion& Aldo Espinosa released another edition in 2009, again in German, titled: Sajaha: Die Prophezeiungen fur ein Newes Zeitalter Babylon, Nebukadnezar und der Dritte Sargon. [Sajaha: Prophecies of a New Age of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar and the Third Sargon.]The Mardukite edition of THE LOST BOOK OF SHAYAHA: SEER OF MARDUK (Liber S) marks a new phase in the Mardukite work-featuring the prophecies, visions and advisement of a great Babylonian seer -- Sajaha accounts of a future rise of New Babylon from her point of view. As you reflect upon the lines of this tablet series, the prophecies and visions most surely conjure vivid imagery to mind, not to mention what the intended audience for them would have been thinking-for they were once the private possession of the Babylonian king of Sajaha's time, King Nebuchadnezzar II, a supporter of a progressive fruitful and benevolent pro-Mardukite era of Babylonian Renaissance for nearly half of a century!EDITION NOTE: Previously published as Sumerian Wisdom & Anunnaki Prophecies: The Book of Sajaha-the-Seer


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