Client Getting P.L.A.N.: How to Get All the Clients You Can Handle Without Cold Calling or Spending a Dime on Marketing Drew Laughlin Author
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Finding clients is one of the biggest challenges my customers and students have. And most of the time its not because of a lack of effort. But rather its a lack of knowledge of how to do it the right way. A better, easier way. This course is aimed to help you end your client attraction challenges once-and-for-all.Get all the clients you can handle with a simple and proven step-by-step system.No more cold callingNo need to spend any money on marketing or advertisingYou'll establish instant authority and credibility while someone else does all the leg work for youA timeless system and skill set that will produce predictable results.There are many benefits to following a proven system of client generation. Not-the-least-of-which you never have to stress about where your next client is coming from. Simply turn the system on and you'll have clients. When your funnel is full, you simply turn it off.Content and OverviewThe Client Getting P.L.A.N. gives consultants, solo-preneurs, independent professionals - in fact, anyone who serves small to medium sized businesses - a powerful step-by-step blueprint to generate new leads and customers in a systematic way.Included inside this book is not only the detailed step-by-step system but you'll also get:TemplatesSwipesScriptsQuestion and Answer sectionCommon mistakes to avoidPlus a few other bonus goodiesThis book covers everything you need to know. I have left no stone un-turned.Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:Why 20-40 minute Lunch and Learn (L&L) presentations are they best way to get in front of your target audience and convert more to paying customersWhat topic(s) you should cover for best resultsHow to structure your L&L so you keep their attention and have them beggin to talk to you afterwardsHow to have the ultimate 3rd party do all the marketing and actually pay for lunchWho to talk to and what to say to get them to agree to do all the marketing and pay for lunchWhat NOT to include in your L&L. If you include this then you'll be viewed as a self-centered moron who doesn't care about their customersHow to easily overcome any fear you might have about public speakingPractice your L&L our secret way to build unstoppable confidenceHow to quickly and easily customize your L&L for different audiencesWhat do to BEFORE your L&L. If you don't do this one thing, you might as well quit nowHow to convey your message with confidenceHow to close more deals than you'll know what to do withHow and when to convert your L&L to a webinar and what steps you need to take so you don't blow itPlus much more!The P.L.A.N stands for:PresentationLunchAudienceNetworkIn short, the secret sauce of the Client Getting P.L.A.N. is all about giving a problem-solution focused Presentation over Lunch - commonly known as a Lunch and Learn (L&L) - in front of a targeted Audience where you Network with the attendees after the presentation is over to build relationships and close deals.While this model is simple to understand there are key success factors that make it work like a faucet you can turn on and off whenever you need more clients. And it is all uncovered inside.I know you're going to love this book.Enjoy!


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