Daughter of my Heart: A Mother's Memoire about Adopting and Loving an Abused Child Jeanne Ramsey Author
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The daily lives of Rosemary and her brothers are defined by their stepfather’s sexual abuse and the sadistic power he wields over the children and their mother. The authorities finally rescue the children, but then Rosemary languishes for three years in Florida’s state foster care system, separated from her brothers and without real help for the psychological anguish that afflicts her because of the abuse.Meanwhile, Jeanne and James Ramsey endure the rigorous approval process for potential parents who wish to adopt older children from Florida's foster care system. Then they wait while the seemingly endless search for the right little girl unfolds. Their dream is realized when a match is found at last in eight-year-old Rosemary, and they adopt her. Rosemary’s recovery from her past is slow, but over time and with much effort, loving bonds are forged as Rosemary struggles to make a good life with her new parents.Award-winning author Jeanne Ramsey’s memoire describes the new family's progress with stories of courage, sorrow, anger, poignancy, love, humor, and ultimate triumph. It is meant to be enjoyed by anyone seeking an uplifting, true page-turner. It can also be useful to people who are considering adoption, or who have already given a home to a troubled child, and need reasurance that, despite the effort it takes and the emotional ups and downs inherent in such an undertaking, the stability and guidance they offer to these children is of GREAT value.


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