Walking Boys: The Perilous Road to South Sudan Independence Awak Malith Author
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After 17 years of bitter strife, Northern and Southern Sudanese military and political leaders agreed an uneasy truce, lasting for 10 years. However, on 16th May, 1983, Southern Soldiers rebelled once again to restart the war. It was not long before the survivors, renegades, students, farmers, cattlemen, fishermen, and the ordinary folks all over the Sudan gathered to stake their lives in the new civil war.   The North unleashed its army, and allied militias on civilians leaving death, famine, and destruction in their wake. Families were uprooted, broken up and scattered in the region and around the world.     As the war escalated, atrocities committed quickly brought it to new levels hitherto unseen in the region. For the last time, the new war would break or make the Sudan. No longer would it be a ‘Southern Problem’, rather a ‘Sudan Problem’. Only an independent South Sudan would emerge from the chaos.


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