A Barbara Fairchild Mystery: I Found My Heart in New Mexico R J Vlier Author
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B. Fairchild was requested, no. She was told to fly to the ranch and talk to the author. Barbara had read the book. Liked it. And yes, the author had requested her and only her to handle it. Why? She had no clue. But here she was, in the company jet flying over nothing. Serious here. There was nothing outside the window as the jet was landing. Landing on a strip of pavement in the middle of nowhere. She looked out the window and saw dirt. Getting off the jet, feeling the heat Barbara thought that she knew what Hell felt like. Noticing that no one greeted her she walked to the small building with 'Office' written on the door. There Barbara found out that the man she was to meet had passed away, but she was to continue on to the ranch. Going to the ranch took the fun out of everything. Dirt, heat and 2 1/2 hrs. made her feel like a wilted flower. First impressions? Don't make me laugh. But she wiped the dirt off her face and got out of the van. Turned and stopped in her tracks as she looked up at the cowboy coming down the steps. Did her heart quit? Shaking hands she felt the electricity. Did he feel it too? Together, Brett and Barbara handled the issues. Faxed the information to the studio and looked at each other. Lust or love? Barbara had no idea. But at her age, she was ready. Ready for 'the one'. The one that would make her a woman. Brett was handsome, but was he willing? The filming progressed, then 'things' happened that were not normal. Someone was doing their best to stop the movie. When Barbara's trailer on the set burnt, Brett stepped up security. Getting Barbara back to his ranch he felt he could protect her better. But not everything goes as planned.....


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