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Being a teenage girl is tough everyone is trying to find their place in the big crowd. Whether you are looking for acceptance or just a spot in the cafeteria. Belonging or finding a place to fit in is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. Most teenagers are not who they appear to be on the surface. Underneath, the mask of appearance, they are dealing with the self-esteem issues, crushes, jealousy, image snatchers, and temptation. The fact that they are looking for someone to incubate who they want to become is a true sign of how far our youth have to go. Acceptance and Relationships is a hot commodity in middle and high school. Girls are battling issues such as acceptance, wanting to feel love, and needing to be validated. This book was specifically designed for teenage girls who feel that just can't find their place. That girl that is always trying to fit in should look within herself and there she will discover the very thing she is searching for is right there within her. This book was designed to show each young teenager just how much they are worth! They have been beautifully and wonderfully made. They should not reach for others to validate them but they should embrace who they are! Confidence is a tailored made suite which was specifically designed for the individual who it was meant for. Each young lady reaching and searching to be like someone should reach inside and pull that beauty within, out! Never give up on you, because if you don't believe in you; who will?Always stay true to yourself and never lower your standards. Beauty comes from within, so stop looking to everyone else to define you. Integrity comes with a cost and never sellout. Confidence is something you wear and not something that can be bought or exchanged. How you carry yourself is how others will see you. Keep dreaming and never stop reaching. Be your own BFF, because you will never betray you.


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