Public Service Announcements: Rambling thoughts to help you in this complex world MD Kenneth J. Stanley Author
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Between 2010 and 2016, Houston resident Kenneth J. Stanley, MD, spent more time on Facebook than many would consider sane, posting funny thoughts, observations, and the occasional rant against society's most reprehensible members-namely bad drivers and people who think grocery aisles are good places to pause for a chat. Public Service Announcements compiles the best of Stanley's observations into a lighthearted look at the trials and tribulations of modern life. Children, racist patients, politics, and other oddities all get the treatment they so richly deserve-including Stanley himself. What can you do but seethe at texting drivers, or the shopper who thinks he can negotiate prices with a self-checkout screen? How do you react when a patient brings his medication not in its prescription bottles, but loose in a Crown Royal bag? If you're Stanley, you turn to Facebook and share the lunacy with the world. It's time to listen to the doctor. It's for your own health, after all-and you know what they say about laughter and medicine. Just don't hold up the grocery line in Houston or text and drive on a Texas highway. If you do, you just might show up on Stanley's newsfeed.


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