YOUR individual trading plan! How to day trade with consistent success: Trading approaches, trade management, risk control Tamash Trader Author
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How about always knowing at once, whether you should go respectively may go for long or short options? Welcome to my world of trading. Very few traders follow a trading plan that is written down. Because of course that is boring and bulky and because then you would have to stick to it and this inhibits you considerably - how can you then react more flexibly to opportunities when they arise ... Bullshit! A trading plan! Believe it! That is the key! Or you will get bogged down in the universe of unlimited possibilities. With putting down a clearly defined plan you change sides. And yes - you then will indeed miss a lot of great chances and probably the very, very large moves. But calm will be restored. And continuity. Reproducibility. A little more security. Satisfaction. Time for yourself. What will you get from me? I'm going to present you my own trading plan along with comments, something I would have cherished to find and read for guidance on the web. Just at the right time to avoid a lot of troubles and failure and suffering. I will talk about how I define my trading approach what I do and what I leave. As precisely as possible and almost without any kind of nebulous stuff. For a life (or your survival) as a normal trader. You just take this plan as an example and adapt it to your needs. It is as simple as that. Are you with us? Let us cast your piled expert and half knowledge into a plan. Into a bible, that you will follow. A corset of rules and structure. Let us consider the mistakes, which inevitably result from such a tight framework and book them as operating costs. These are the losses in trading. That's normal and not a big deal, as long as you do not allow that these losses getting larger. Let's get on with it! Get you're your ass and become busy! Get out of your panic; get out of your agony or despair! Away with this self-sabotaging behaviour.


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