Ten Reasons Why Bill Gates Is Richer Than You: 10 Reasons You Could Cash In To Improve Your Wealth Michael Winicott Author
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Discover the main reasons explaining why Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. Bill Gates is one of the most fascinating figures of our history, for a wide variety of reasons. He represents the summation of those personal qualities that help to prosperity and to business and personal achievements. A truly American hero in peace time. This book is going to share some key reasons to Bill Gates' success. He is an unmistakable American entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist with a terrific success in the development of software for personal-computers. The life story of Bill Gates explains why he is one of the richest individuals on Earth. This short book aims at helping those interested in prosperity to appreciate a few of the many lessons that Gate's life has to offer. It begins with a brief overview of the great man's life story, ranging from the often challenging, circumstances life to the height of his power and his later commitment to philanthropy. It then moves onto ten especially significant reasons for his wealth, each springing from the circumstances of a particular stage of his development and his responses to them. While each of these distinct episodes has a particular point to teach to business , they also help to reveal and illuminate more fundamental principles that are just as valuable So are you ready to learn from the Bill Gate's life? Are you interested in learning about life and business? All this and more in this fascinating book. Here is a preview of the reasons you will learn... Powerful Partnerships Strategic Acting Fierce Tenacity Guts Integrity Dynamism Impromptu creation Driven By Passion and Commitment Beginning Early Advancing the Knowledge Pool Puchase your copy today!


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