State-Of-The-Art Nutrition for Martial Arts Teachers: Teaching Your Students Advanced RMR Techniques to Improve Hand Speed, Reduce Muscle Soreness, an
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State-Of-The-Art Nutrition for Martial Arts Teachers by Joseph Correa By reading this book you will learn how to add lean muscle mass which will increase your RMR and accelerate your metabolism. Eating complex carbohydrates, protein, and natural fats in the right amount and percentages as well as increasing your RMR will make you faster, stronger, and more resistant. People who increase their RMR will find they are able to: - add more lean muscle mass. - reduce injuries and muscle cramps. - focus for longer periods of time. - reduce fat at an accelerated rate. This book will also show you how to increase your RMR (resting metabolic rate) to accelerate your metabolism and help you change your body for good. Your Resting Metabolic Rate measures the amount of energy used by your body in a resting or relaxed state. RMR is your greatest component of energy expenditure in your body and so it tells us just how much energy and fat your body burns on a daily basis. By adding lean muscle mass you automatically increase your RMR which can lead to improved performance with long lasting results. Joseph Correa is a certified sports nutritionist and a professional athlete.


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