To You, From Me: A story of seduction, love and lust TJ Corman Author
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Virginia (Ginny) Alexandra Parker owns a curio shop in the world-class ski village of Whistler, British Columbia. Having lost her husband in a tragic car accident early in her marriage, Ginny raised their two daughters alone, remaining loyal to her late husband's memory. Numbed by grief, Ginny has reached mid-life without knowing the pleasures of a relationship with another man.Enter Mike Monroe. Vastly wealthy and tremendously sexy, Mike has awakened a sexual longing in Ginny that she hasn't felt in years. He wants her and she wants him, but she is afraid to act on impulse. Aphrodite sits on Ginny's shoulder and coaxes her along, but Ginny's long time celibacy, shy nature, and fear of the unknown keep her from moving forward.Supported and encouraged by her two best friends, Jessie and Paul, who have been a steady presence in her life since high school, Ginny feels she might at last be ready to explore the world of dating and begin a relationship with Mike. But memories surface, filling Ginny with conflicting feelings about dating, her future, and unresolved events from her past. Is she really ready to pursue a relationship with Mike? Or is there something else competing for her heart?To You, From Me is a humourous, poignant, and sentimental story of one woman's experience as she finds the courage to reconcile deep heartache and loss. It is an exploration of long-lasting friendship and the power of love....


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