God Still Delivers: The Untold Stories of Divine Interventions in the Sierra Leone Civil War (1991-2002) David Musa Author
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The decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone (19912002) not only accounted for thousands of deaths, mass displacements of the population, total destruction of a fragile infrastructure, use and abuse of thousands of child soldiers with brazen impunity but through the same conflict, the entire world also witnessed an unprecedented degree of cruel amputations that left hundreds of innocent citizens maimed for life. Sadly, babies as young as five years of age were among the unfortunate amputees. Most of those who survived the civil carnage have a common chorus: that Gods grace and saving power is more than enough to deliver his people even from the jaws of death. This book is a collection of the testimonies of survivals of the civil war. Starting with Lt. Modupe Taylor-Pearce Jr.s delivery from a friendly murder plot usually referred to in military terms as friendly fire to Pastor Edgar Momohs miraculous escape from rebel execution, the theme is the same: God displayed his power and capability to deliver his people. The book does not purport to be a history of the civil war in Sierra Leone but simply the testimonies of select individuals who are eager to share their personal stories of divine deliverances with the rest of humanity.


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