An Adventure Around the World: To Harvest and Invest World Wealth Without Harming the Earth and Have Fun Robert Chandler Stever Author
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The discovery of a large collection of gold nuggets at the bottom of a waterfall in an enchanted valley triggers a group to circle the world to gather world wealth without disturbing the earth or causing pollution. Some of the wealth would be used to fund Green Earth projects, with some as basic as solar panels, in addition to worldwide awareness of the pending disaster of global warming and destructive wars. They develop a small SeaDrone able to jet to the bottom of the seas for vast collections of wealthsome spewed from under sea volcanoes, others from sunken shipsand gathering rare elements concentrated in the seas. Other wealth hid in open sight on the earths surface. The SeaDrone also flies into the skies to post antiwar holograms above war zones. As the group travels, they experience many old cultures and share philosophies. Material from my subconscious library stored over a lifetime adds nonfiction reflections and history from around the world, with the past, present, and our future to be in the making.


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