A Pastor's Wife Survived the Mistress: From Death to Life and the Divorce Court Destiny Boaz Author
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According to the author, for the past 20 years in the church world and in the business world, many great marriages and families have fallen apart. Leaders have failed to give their followers and supporters closure about what really happened in their marriages. Especially in the church world, many are left hanging and hurting because they have lost trust. Destiny Boaz, a pastor’s wife, is the first to bring out a true, open, honest and transparent story to let her readers know why and how her own marriage fell apart. She believes that healing must take place in the lives of God’s people. Closure is very important for one to move forward. This book will appeal to readers, men as well as women, because the home is in trouble and marriages are in trouble. Sometimes they feel something is wrong but they are unable to put their finger on it. This book will help them identify why the intimacy in their marriage is over, why the communication in the relationship is dying, why the intimacy goes cold and the passion dies. Contact Information: Email: destinyboaz@yahoo.com www.destinyboaz.com


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