Lines of Grace: Meditations on Verses of Holy Scripture, the Stations of the Cross, and the Most Holy Rosary James H. Kurt Author
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On Plenary Indulgence Why has the baby been thrown out with the bathwater, the power of Peter to bind and loose been cast aside so unceremoniously, and so the Word of Christ become overshadowed? If the only son of God imparts to His church the power to forgive men’s sins in His name, and if that church has pronounced the availability of the great grace even of removal of temporal punishment by the prayers of devout souls (souls who ask in the Lord’s name and with faith in His goodness, who therefore cannot be denied by a loving Father), why has the practice of plenary indulgence fallen into such disuse? Is it for its history of misuse? Then there is no hope for any of us; then the church might as well fold up its tent and go home, for it will never be perfect in this world.


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