JAFR: The Girl Behind The Badge Cheryl Choate Author
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“Can you believe this? The suspect is a DEA agent? He went ballistic and murdered his ex girlfriend in front of her family? Want to hear the best part? The victim’s boyfriend was hiding in the closet and saw the whole thing.” My hands grew clammy and I thought I was going to throw up the dinner I had just eaten prior to getting this call. That was the night I was assigned to work a special detail with the homicide detectives to help search for a murder suspect. I had to stay in cop mode, even though all I wanted to do was go home. Would I ever see my daughters again? Why hadn’t I listened to my father? I was just a single, divorced, young mom with two daughters at home who needed me. This wasn’t even my full time job! What was I doing? But I knew I had an obligation to my family to dig deep and stay strong and focused in order to go home alive!


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