I Didn't Mean To: Part One Jasmine E Washington Author
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A place to drown your sorrows, where nobody knows your name. That's exactly what Carmella Carmen Stephens was in need of. Her perfectly unperfect life is in shambles and its all her fault. She accepts that, but why couldn't anyone understand that she hadn't meant for this mess to happen? She'd made a mistake and now her husband had handed her divorce papers. What's a girl to do when she's got no clue on how to fix anything? Drowning her sorrows seemed like a good start and the description of Karma's seems like the perfect place to do it... however, nobody said anything about the well meaning nosey as hell owner Karma Lee trying push her way into Carmen's business. Why would this stranger care about her troubles? Why should she tell her about the dumb mistake she'd made that cost her everything that meant anything? Well, Karma was holding the liquor bottle and maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to talk to someone impartial. And who knows maybe she'd finally met someone who'd understand her when she says, I didn't meant to... Fueled with whiskey and a disdain for public vomiting, Carmen tells her story and more importantly somewhere in the fog she starts to come to a realization that it's not always about your intentions. However, will this revelation prove to be too little too late?


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