Losing Weight in Six Days: A Case of the White Horse Island Life Detective Service Doug Newburg Author
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Annie has tried to lose weight for over twenty years without success. In fact, despite her best efforts, she keeps gaining weight. Annie's latest weight loss attempt takes her to mystical White Horse Island for a weeklong, thirty-year high school reunion vacation with two lifelong friends. Part of Annie's weight loss plan is to visit the White Horse Island Resort & Spa for some wellness coaching and pampering. But Annie's plan goes awry from the get go. Two strangers, Billy, the lead detective, and his sidekick, Doc, who claim to be life detectives assigned to her case, interrupt Annie's weight loss retreat every step of the way. Unbeknownst to Annie, Billy and the White Horses have called her to the island to repay a debt owed her from a Good Samaritan deed performed thirty years ago. Resistant at first, Annie slowly begins to engage in Billy's weight loss experiences, which lead to many spontaneous, surprising, and some life threatening adventures. As Annie's case progresses, Billy, Doc, and the magic of the White Horses force her to question everything she believes about losing weight, and to discover and experience a way of living that leads to fulfilling her promise and sustainable weight loss.


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