The DeMYTHStification of Writing: A how-to book for those who write and for those who think they can't George Pica Author
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The DeMYTHStification of Writing is a failsafe, easily mastered approach to written communication, one that emphasizes common sense and skills that readers have been honing since infancy. It is for those among us who never mastered grammar - the language of language - and whose teachers never had a kind word for anything they wrote. It is for those in the workforce who believe a simple business letter is beyond them. It is for journalists who aren't so set in their ways that they are unwilling to entertain the possibility that there might be more efficient, perhaps even more effective, ways to tell their stories. It is for journalism students who will one day have stories of their own to tell and for students in every other discipline who are terrified when called upon to put what they know on paper. It is for aspiring novelists and playwrights and poets. It is for those who just want to tell the offspring of their offspring about themselves. And it is for those who wish to write simply for the exhilaration of expressing their innermost thoughts and dreams.


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