Delta Force: The Elite US Special Forces Unit Eric Adams Author
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The Best Special Operations Unit in The WorldThe Story of the Elite US Army Special Forces Unit This book is for young men or anyone interested in going to the military and joining a Special Operations Unit like Delta Force. This book is not for military historians or ex-military guys looking for new info. If you are a historian or ex-military, please buy another book. This book is not for you, there are other books more suited for you.The Delta Force is probably the most secretive military unit in existence in the world today. The USA government still deny that they exist. The men who serve in this unit live in the shadows and stay out of the spotlight. These men are true warriors, and only the best of the best get to serve in The Unit.The Delta Force recruits from within all arms of the US military and 99% comes from other Special Forces Units like the Green Berets and Army Rangers. In this book, you will get an inside look into the Delta Force.Delta Force Operators work in small groups and sometimes alone. They might be called upon to work with the CIA or FBI. Whatever the mission the Delta Force is ready to deal with the challenge.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Does the Delta Force Exist?The type of Men that serve in The UNITThe Origins of the Delta ForceDelta Force MissionsOrganization, Structure, and RecruitmentEquipment and WeaponsDelta Force TrainingDelta Operator SkillsWhat is the Difference Between Delta,SEALs, Special Forces and Others?Much, much more!


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