There's No Such Thing as an IT Project - Audiobook, by Dave Kaiser & Bob Lewis
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Learn how to stop pouring vast sums of money into technology projects that dont have a lasting impact by closing the communication gap between IT and leadership.Too many businesses miss opportunity after opportunity to design, plan, and achieve intentional business change. Why? Because they charter projects focused on delivering software products: IT projects. But as this groundbreaking book points out, theres no such thing as an IT projector at least there shouldnt be. Its always about intentional business change, or whats the point?Its time to stop providing simplistic, one-dimensional, all-you-gotta-do panaceas. When the only constant in business is change, truly useful IT has to help you change instead of build solutions that are obsolete even before they are completed. IT consultant Bob Lewis, author of the bestselling Bare Bones Project Management, has joined forces with seasoned CIO Dave Kaiser to give you the tools you need. Its a multidimensional, relentlessly practical guide. Condensed to handbook length and seasoned with Lewiss trademark sardonic humor, its an enjoyable and digestible read as well.Lewis and Kaiser take you step by step through the process of building a collaboration between IT and the rest of the business that really works. Insisting on intentional business change takes patience, communication, and courage, but it has a huge payoff. More to the point, insist on anything else and every penny you spend will be a wasted dime and a waste of time.



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