Packrat to Clutter-Free: How I Cleaned up My Life in Less than a Year M. C. Starbuck Author
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Decluttering Made Simple - Clearing the Clutter that Keeps You DistractedLetting go of clutter doesn't have to stifle your zest for life! In fact, it can enhance it. Decluttering is fun and fabulous when you approach it as a way to a better life rather than a waste of time, necessary evil, or an endless chore. You don't have to ditch your creativity along with all your craft supplies. You will learn how to make room for what matters most as you explore the answers to these questions: Where do I start? How do I get rid of sentimental items without regret? What if I don't have time? How do I get my family to help? What if I'm on a budget and might need an item again someday? This book will help you flourish as you take the baby steps to a clutter-free life.


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