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As the saying goes, Man is the master of his fate and the captain of his soul. This translates that man is responsible for his environment he constructs, upon which he must abide. Soon enough after all's been said and done, the environment that man has woven, comes to fruition, as the environment created by him (whether good or bad) introduces man to himself. This book is basically meant to enlighten, remind, suggest, and engage readers over and above what they already know that lies dormant.As you read this book, seek first to understand; only then will you succeed in knowing yourself. In other words, seek first consciously to understand yourself, your subconscious will follow, and you will avoid conflict between the two (the conscious and the subconscious).Like others who have read this book, you are more than likely going to practice the simple steps herein. No sooner will you adopt the concept of natural law than you will attain small successes that gradually give rise to great successes.The more you consciously understand, the more you empower the subconscious and the better you get. Once you begin to be empowered, the nature of your daily challenges will change. It is like getting into your car and driving to work. You have consciously learnt how to shift gears, use your mirrors, determine your speed and know your car's braking distance. You'll not have to think of how to depress the clutch, change gears, adjust your speed, or apply the brakes. The subconscious will do all those things while you consciously enjoy the ride and change your course and speed as needed.This illustration is the metaphor on which this book is modeled. It should be approached like learning to drive. As you learn, observe how your actions change as you grow instead of just going through life.


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