The Big Life of Remi Muldoon 2 : YoYo, Pizza, and a Duck by Daniel Kenney
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The Small Boy With The Very BIG LIFE Ten year-old Remi Muldoon is back for his second amazing adventure. This time, he's up against the scariest creatures in the universe. CLOWNS! But first, Remi must deal with a school field trip, an angry mob of ducks, and one very strange amusement park. Will Remi once again save the day? Or has his luck finally run out? Brought to life by author/illustrator Daniel Kenney, this hilarious second book in the Big Life of Remi Muldoon illustrated series is great for children ages 8-12 and adults ages 21-100. It's perfect for reluctant readers and kids who love Wimpy Kid, 6th Grade Ninja, and Big Nate.


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