Knowledge of the Raptured & the Ransomed: No Rapture Just A Ransome Michelle Quiller Author
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In the year 1884 Margaret McDonnell, a small town preacher lay ill on her bed as fellow pastors, neighbors, and family stood close by. As she murmured on an on while fading in and out of her feverish, ill slumber, Margaret McDonnell was in a disturbing dream of the Rapture of the Church out of the times of the great tribulations spoken of in the teachings of Christ in (Mat. 24;Mk. 13;Lk. 21). Two pastors who stood over Ms. McDonnell' sick bed as they prayed for their servant of the cloth to recover, they heard her speaking of the dream of her head as she murmured in and out. These two pastors thought what they heard might be a great idea to help build Church membership up. Therefore they took off with this Church Rapture message to give to the congregation, and this is how the Rapture doctrine spread from Margaret McDonnell got onto the entire Church world doctrine. Margaret McDonnell awakened and told her nurses aid that she had just suffer a very evil dream of her head while sleeping. And thus further explaining how the Rapture theory is not scriptural. The King James Bible was translated and published in the year 1611, whereby Jesus The Christ and all of the prophets of the Bible prophesied quite the contrary to Margaret McDonnell' 1884 dream. In this book Knowledge of the Raptured and Ransomed Prophetess Michelle Quiller utilizes the entirety of the Bible to show and prove that God Church will be Ransomed as the Redeemed of the soon coming Kingdom of the Lord and how that the Rapture Doctrine is not Biblical behooved me at first that Father chose me for the assignment to address such a long outstanding tradition of man concerning this unanimously popular belief in the Rapture out of the Church before the times of the great tribulations that the Bible says will fall on all the world before Christ' return. I would then sneak quietly inside the house and slip under my bed covers and go to sleep smiling as I star towards heaven from my bedside window. Through my childhood practice of this, it seemed no one in the family knew that I was always up through the nights whether I left the house or not. Late in life it became very apparent to me that Father raised me up for just this time and purpose in the Church, to walk a lonely road, despised by all I passed through. Sometimes the roads were dark roads that have been very long roads, but it has been just Father and I alone, with no family, friendships or worldly interest to interference nor secular distractions, I even grew up without knowledge of the joy of holidays or birthday celebrations, all of these things were forbidden in the ministry my mother raised me up under, I sure now knowing Father as a mature Christian that the grim of my childhood had nothing to do with the way He wants the Church of His Body to live, for He has set aside a host of Feast days of holidays to be celebrated and His Sabbaths. But this is also the reason I was so happy to be raised in Church, because there we could run about, and shout, and clap, and dance and laugh with Father for all the joy experienced over witnessing His great and mighty miracles and works as it was every time we went into the house of the Lord. Growing up in Church as I know it was to say to everybody, I wonder what Father is going to do or say today, and from meeting to meeting, it was from Glory to Glory, Hallelujah My God and Amen!


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