How To Concentrate Like Einstein: The Lazy Student's Way to Instantly Improve Memory & Grades with the Doctor Vittoz Secret Concentration Technique. R
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The Vittoz will Revolutionize the World If we consider the importance of these few words Einstein once revealed, this could well be the most exciting book you will ever read. Concentration has always been a crucial skill, whether it is to become rich, to ace an exam or to achieve any other goal that really count in our life: ALL the world most powerful and influential people had in common an incredible focus ability, like Einstein. And yet, in today's fast life, people have more and more difficulties to concentrate. If attention problems can waste one or two hours per day for the luckiest, they can also ruin a whole life especially during an entrance exam where only a quarter of points can make all the difference. Are These Concentration Problems Familiar to You? After I've read two or three pages, I find that I've been thinking of other things, and don't remember what I've been reading My mind wanders when I attend lectures and I often miss capital information I often get distracted when I study at home which makes me work until late hours of the night I tend to spend my time and energy on the small stuff instead of paying attention to the things that are critical to my happiness I can't stay focused on my revision for university exams and yet I have less than one week left When I study, I can't remember what I learned for longer than one or two days and my mind feels foggy whenever I take an exam If you answered Yes at least once, what follows may change your life...Especially if you have desperately tried everything to improve your concentration such as pills, meditation, or various other study skills. The Never Before Revealed Concentration Technique Used by Einstein You are about to discover the Doctor Vittoz secret concentration technique, never before revealed and used by Einstein himself. Specially developed for people who are unable to concentrate, this technique mixed with some rare and well-guarded gems of practical advices from the best Experts in personal efficiency will restore and reveal all your power of concentration. A paradise for the student - as lazy as he is- who wants to ace his exams and improve his memory, and an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to finally change his life for the best, this book will reveal you: HOW TO INSTANTLY RECOVER YOUR POWER OF CONCENTRATION WHEN YOU FEEL STRESSED OR ANXIOUS HOW TO CONCENTRATE TO REDUCE YOUR STUDY TIME BY 3 OR MORE AND INSTANTLY INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY HOW YOUR STUDY PLACE CAN INCREASE YOUR CONCENTRATION BY 27% AND MORE IN TWO SIMPLE STEPS HOW TO AVOID GETTING DISTRACTED BY PEOPLE, TV AND OTHER SPARE-TIME ACTIVITIES AND REMAIN FOCUSED HOW TO INSTANTLY STOP YOUR MIND FROM WANDERING WHEN YOU NEED TO CONCENTRATE HOW TO KEEP A FULL CONCENTRATION DURING A THREE HOURS LECTURE ...AND MUCH MORE... Within a few days, you should have improved so greatly that you will surprise your friends, your family, your teachers and...yourself! You will be able to focus on what you want as long as you want, like a magnifying glass focuses the rays of the sun to create fire1: Best of all, the techniques respect your precious time: they are practical, simple, ready-to-use, one reading is generally enough to get instant results.


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