A None's Inner Peace: Living the Good Life Without A God Pointing the Way Jeff Stilwell Author
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Meaning 21 founder Jeff Stilwell follows up his seminal work Here and Now: A Whimsical Take on God with this collection of illustrations about how to live the good life. Whether for a daily chuckle, or used as meditation pieces, Stilwell's fans agree that his comics act as visual parables. Viewers are able to explore their own lives more deeply when encountering his thoughts. Stilwell's charming illustrations are cute and adorable on the surface. But take a moment to meditate on the deeper meaning and you might find yourself driving down a heretofore unvisited road in your mind, leading you to greater self-awareness. That's the beauty of these little gems. Manya Vee, Social Media Sorceress Meaning 21 The Thrashin' Jack illustrations are little brain teasers that keep us focused on positive, uplifting thoughts and help us make forward progress every day in finding the fullest expression of meaning in our lives. Suzanne Schaefer, Communications Director Fullness Circles Foundation


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