Travels of The Timekeeper - Mission: II: SAVING THE AMERICAS Melvyn Neil Diamond Author
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BON VOYAGE, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS!...MAYBE Morgan Daniels, a.k.a Mentor, the current heir to the evil Morgantius Curse, has an incurable disease that can only be relieved by a HISTORICAL CATACLYSM - ALTERING ONE SINGLE EVENT THAT HAPPENED SO THAT EVERYTHING AFTER THAT BECOMES DIFFERENT. In fact, the greater the Cataclysm and the chaos it brings, the better Mentor feels. With the cursed disease, his sorcerer-ancestor, Morgantius has also given him a PRESCRIPTION OF POWERFUL MAGIC that allows him to travel to the past TO CREATE DISORDER AND CHAOS FOR CENTURIES...yet soothe his pain. But for every Power of Evil there is also the Power of Good. For seven centuries there has always been a TIMEKEEPER to challenge the magic of the Morgantius Curse.TO CHALLENGE THE MORGANTIUS CURSE. Since inception, every Timekeeper begins as AN 11-YEAR-OLD WHO IS GIVEN MAGICAL POWERS AND WEAPONS that, along with his or her own natural strengths and ingenuity, CHALLENGES THE CURSE AND THOSE WHO SEEK TO DESTROY THE WORLD OF THE PRESENT. In MISSION II: SAVING THE AMERICAS, Michael Joseph Geldman, HISTORY'S 64th AND PRESENT-DAY TIMEKEEPER travels back to 14th CENTURY VENEZIA AND 15TH CENTURY SPAIN to foil the evil Mentor and his Changemasters from STOPPING CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS' FIRST VOYAGE TO THE NEW WORLD AND THE AMERICAS. Join our young hero as he transforms into his dashing TIMEKEEPER-SELF to confront Mentor and the Curse first in the home of MARCO POLO IN VENICE, then at the Royal Court of KING FERDINAND and QUEEN ISABELLA IN SEVILLE, before the exciting showdown at Palos where CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND HIS THREE SHIPS BECOME THE TARGETS OF THE WIZARD'S DIABOLICAL PLAN. How will Mentor and his Changemasters try to stop Christopher Columbus from reaching the New World? What black magic will Mentor use to alter history? What unexpected powerful help will he receive along the way? And how will The Timekeeper, Guardian of History, use his natural and special mystical Powers of Good as he RACES AGAINST THE PAST to stop the diabolical Mentor and TO SAVE THE WORLD OF THE PRESENT AND FUTURE! You'll find the answers to these questions and many other surprises in this fantastic, action-packed, fantastic adventure will keep you riveted page after page until the very end!


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