Sports Touch: For The Serious Athlete Kate A. Montgomery Author
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Sports Touch by Kate Montgomery, a sports massage therapist and professional kinesiology practitioner, created the Sports Touch System (1986) while living in San Diego, CA. Her clients were professional, Olympic, masters and weekend warriors. They were 'serious athletes' who wanted to achieve their best performance, increase their energy and stamina and most importantly, accelerate their recovery. Kate took techniques from her sports massage and Touch for Health kinesiology training, as well as other healing modalities (acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, herbal therapy) and created Athletic Rituals and taught every athlete a self-care program to be done daily, before, during and after training or in a race. Each Ritual in the Sports Touch System is designed for a specific purpose: 1. To enhance the breathing mechanism for better energy and stamina 2. To help strengthen the immune system 3. To be able to consistently clear waste by-products from muscles immediately, increasing a faster pace without pain. 4. To enhance mental focus and concentration 5. To accelerate recovery 6. To have achieve better balance and vision 6. To enhance overall health and wellbeing 7. To empower the athlete to take full control over her/his outcome With the NEW 2015 updated version of Sports Touch, 30 years of proven applied scientific research with sound science based techniques and applications, Kate has added new sports rituals, new techniques, techniques from three of her other self-care books - the Montgomery Method™, and adding the 'invisible maps' of the body to be used in a practical and functional ritual everyday to get the best athletic performance. The 'Secret Weapon' Chapter 4 will empower every athlete, increase their potential to win, determine their outcome and the body's recovery. There are over 200 photos and illustrations with specific instructions on when to use, how to use your sports ritual and how to create your own personal ritual. It is easy to follow and use immediately with guaranteed results if you take the time to follow it. There are Athlete testimonials from the 1987 Canadian Ironman, 1989 Hawaiian Ironman, New York City marathon, high school girls senior basketball team, USA Olympic Volleyball and Pan American track and field, tells the journey of each athlete from start to finish with winning thumbs-up and smiles. Kate relates stories, her travels to foreign countries and the many athletes she has met and worked with. They tell her how they thought outside the box to use her techniques and won the race and had an amazing recovery. When you can give an athlete a special gift, one who has never participated in an Ironman triathlon before, and you tell him you have a system that would get him through the race without pain...Joe Kilmer took that risk and was just such an athlete. I met Joe four days prior to the Ironman and promised if he tried out the Sports Touch System, he would make it through the race better than when he started. At 12:43:47 Joe crossed the finish line. I met Joe in the massage area and he looked like he had not done the Ironman, only a run, and just real happy. When I massaged Joe, his legs were pliable, supple and pain free. He went dancing all night!! He related to me how the last mile was nothing short of incredible. He said he actually picked up the pace and felt like a million bucks as he crossed the finish line. He felt he had just won the Olympics!! Bob Ctvrtlik, from the USA 1988 Olympic Volleyball Team (Seoul, South Korea) told me, if every athlete would take a risk and try something that seems out of the ordinary and know that it takes only a few minutes a day, they would have so much to gain like he did. He came back all smiles and with a Gold Medal! The Sports Touch System has been tried and proven by hundreds of athletes and is now back to help you achieve your potential!


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