Poison's Delve in the Knife's Chasm: (Views on Obsession and Mortality in the Modern World) Lukas P. Anderson Author
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Kurt Monroe, or K. M. as he preferred, spent his days idly passing time in his run-down apartment in the heart of the hectic city with its slumbering dwellers and unobservant watchers. He loved the way that his mind could pass from one topic to the next as fluidly as water running from the faucet of a bathroom sink. Faucets on bathroom sinks were a universal idea in the homes of each of our minds. A man turns a knob in his cottage in Ireland and water flows free into the basin. Yet thousands of miles away, another faucet is emptying itself of the cold, clear liquid. K. M. loved how the universe was interconnected in all regards, yet always in chaos with itself. He loved the absolutes of everyday contradictions. Many go through life as the center of their story. They are orbited by the smaller stories of those around them. Their pull is greatest on all other bodies in the sky. However, it is true that every mind is a Sun for which all planets revolve. K. M. was the unwitting Sun for the stories of some many others. K. M. believed that all stories needed a beginning and an end. What happened in between was the defining moments of the life, as it were. It was the conclusion that K. M. lived for. He wished to reach his life's peak and stake his moment in time. It was only once Kurt Monroe found purpose in his life that he would elect to take his own life. Every story must have its beginning and end. What happened in between would merely be noise in the silence of a perfect conclusion to the story of his life.


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