DIY Numerology: Understand Your Past And Discover Your Future In Five Easy Steps Alex Kay Author
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Is your life a series of random events? Or perhaps it has some sense, and some purpose? According to numerology, each year, month and day has a theme, and a place in the grand plan of life. This comprehensive and inspirational book will teach you how to discover your own grand plan easily. All you need to know is your date of birth and a simple set of rules. There are five steps in the book's journey: Personal Years. Life goes in cycles of 9 years, each one begins with the year 1 and ends with the year 9; each is associated with a theme, or a lesson we need to learn, and years with the same number unfold in a similar manner. Once you know the pattern, you'll notice that something new always comes into your life during the year 1, and you'll see how that new theme goes through the same phases until it culminates in year 8. Personal Months. Personal years consist of personal months; each of them associated with a number too; it is much easier to notice the energy of a personal month than a whole year, and use it to your advantage. Personal Days. Personal days are the level of the numeric pattern where our free will has the most influence. This is where, through our actions and decisions, we can tune into the pattern and make it work more clearly and distinctly. Pinnacles. The nine-year periods of personal years are called epicycles, but there is a higher-level pattern called 'pinnacles' that helps us to see our whole life as a succession of major steps. Challenges. A challenge is like a teacher who is responsible for teaching us the lesson properly. By mastering these five steps, you'll be able to: See your life as a logical sequence of lessons rather than a stream of random events. Foresee the most important days and months when your efforts are most likely to bring the best results, and when many doors will open for you. Understand that there are times when the natural rhythm of your life demands that you are patient and pay attention to details, or that you work hard, or that you find and eliminate the weaker elements of your project. In other words, that you do not try to rush ahead, because the time for swift progress will come later. Use your personal days to tune into your individual numeric rhythm and to merge with the natural flow of energy. Contemplate a bird's-eye view of your life as a sequence of pinnacles, each of them associated with a specific challenge. What's stopping you from discovering the grand plan of your life? Scroll to the top and click the Buy now button.


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